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Hi, my name is Michelle Kemp, I am a full time mother of three beautiful children (6, 9 and 1 year). As well as the wife of the most handsome, loving and supportive husband. The wee hours left over...I am releasing my artistic energy into photography!

I am an on location natural light photographer located in Pleasant Grove, UT. I eat, sleep, and breath photography. There is something about catching the sweet memories we have together...having something to look back on to remember...it makes me smile! Thanks to the encouragement of my amazing husband as well as my wonderful family and friends, I am excited to announce the beginning of Rusty Bucket Photography! This has been a life long dream of mine becoming a reality! Why the name Rusty Bucket? A rusty bucket is full of character, colorful, showing all its beauty in the life lived! This, is my passion, capturing the "rusty bucket" in all of us! So...enjoy the blog...if you like what you see...send me line!

Michelle Bratt Kemp

My family

My family


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tingy Family...

From Rusty Bucket Photography

Seriously...can you get anymore beautiful? Amidst the cold and random requests of myself...they were all smiles! So much fun to be around...made me wish we could have hung out longer!

From Rusty Bucket Photography

I could have followed little Kaden around all day...so many funny faces and cute smiles!

My goodness, Sophia was a complete doll...she froze her little fingers off...but was still happy to smile and coo...especially when she'd see her sweet momma...

....her brother...

...and her daddy!

By the end of the day...we had some great photographs of a beautiful family who sure loves each other...even when it hurts! Thank you Tingys!

From Rusty Bucket Photography

Kaden and Elmo...



Thursday, November 27, 2008

Married Love...

So...this couple was so much fun! As I am still new at this...they were so patient with me and my crazy requests...but my, aren't they a gorgeous couple...I thought so!

Barn Contrast

Shanell Kissing his cheek

Barn Door smiling2 BW

Fence close

Red Door 4

medel building

Holding Hands BW

medel building5

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Curious Max...

Maxwell barn

Can I just say...toddlers are sure curious. He wanted to see everything! If he keeps it up...he'll know everything! What a handsome bugger! Thank you Tiffany...I loved getting together!

Maxwell smiles

Maxwell smiles up BW

Maxwell smiles4BW

Maxwell smiles up new

Maxwell bucket2

Friday, November 21, 2008

Like Father Like...Like Son

Blackett's Kissing Brady

Like Father....

Brady and Bridger kiss cheek

...Like Son

Blackett's Ladder2 BW

What's sweeter then a dad wanting pictures of him and his boys! These guys were way too much fun...and so smiley! As I am still so new at this...the boys were incredibly accomodating at my crazy requests...and patient with my follies...but what a great time!

Blackett's Barn Door BW

Laughter is the best medicine...

Brady and Bridger on Bricks BW

Brady and Bridger on Bricks2 BW

Bridger Ladder

Bridger fence BW


Brady Laughing BW

Grandma tagged along and made for some fantastic giggles and smiles!

Blackett's Ladder

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank You!!!

Dave and Lori...this pic and those below are a few of my favorites...THANK YOU for having so much trust in me on such a momentous day! You are a beautiful shining example of faith in every footstep...thank you...

A Forever Family...

Thank you Dave and Lori for letting us share in your sweet miracle!


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